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2024 NFL Draft: Ranking all 126 players at Shrine Bowl

WCG’s lead draft analyst ranks every player participating in the 2024 Shrine Bowl.

Clemson v Miami Photo by Megan Briggs/Getty Images

‘Tis the season for collegiate all-star games, and one of the biggest games of the pre-draft cycle is the East-West Shrine Bowl.

This year’s game takes place in Frisco, Texas at the Ford Center at The Star, the practice facility for the Cowboys. This marks the first time that draft eligible underclassmen are allowed to participate in college all-star showcases, so the Shrine Bowl features a handful of non-senior prospects for the first time.

An institution since 1925, the Shrine Bowl benefits Shriners Children’s healthcare system. All proceeds from the event goes directly towards the charity. The game itself will air on NFL Network on Thursday, Feb. 1 at 7 p.m. CST.

The Chicago Bears have a particularly strong investment this year, as special teams coordinator Richard Hightower will be the head coach of the East team. Linebackers coach Dave Borgonzi will join his staff as the East’s defensive coordinator, as well. With this hands-on opportunity to see some of the top prospects in this year’s class, one can assume there will be some Shrine Bowl participants selected in Chicago’s 2024 draft class.

I have scouted all 126 players who will be participating at the 2024 East-West Shrine Bowl. Below, you’ll see my rankings of said players, along with what tentative round grade they have on my board, and which team they’re on.

2024 Shrine Bowl player rankings

Rank Player Position School Current Grade Team
Rank Player Position School Current Grade Team
1 Leonard Taylor III DL Miami (FL) Round 1-2 East
2 Edgerrin Cooper LB Texas A&M Round 2 East
3 Ja'Tavion Sanders TE Texas Round 2 West
4 Jonathon Brooks RB Texas Round 3 West
5 Malik Washington WR Virginia Round 3-4 West
6 Christian Mahogany OG Boston College Round 3-4 East
7 Curtis Jacobs LB Penn State Round 3-4 West
8 Zion Tupuola-Fetui EDGE Washington Round 4 West
9 Matt Goncalves OT Pittsburgh Round 4 West
10 Mohamed Kamara EDGE Colorado State Round 4 East
11 Dallin Holker TE Colorado State Round 4 East
12 Jordan Travis QB Florida State Round 5 East
13 Garret Greenfield OT South Dakota State Round 5 West
14 Julian Pearl OT Illinois Round 5 East
15 M.J. Devonshire CB Pittsburgh Round 5 West
16 Renardo Green CB Florida State Round 5 East
17 Marcellas Dial CB South Carolina Round 5 East
18 Andrew Coker OT TCU Round 5 West
19 Dadrion Taylor-Demerson S Texas Tech Round 5 West
20 Khalid Duke EDGE Kansas State Round 5 East
21 Isaac Guerendo RB Louisville Round 5 East
22 Javontae Jean-Baptiste EDGE Notre Dame Round 5-6 West
23 Carson Steele RB UCLA Round 5-6 West
24 Tarheeb Still CB Maryland Round 5-6 East
25 Tahj Washington WR USC Round 5-6 West
26 KT Leveston OT Kansas State Round 5-6 East
27 Frank Gore Jr. RB Southern Miss Round 5-6 West
28 Walter Rouse OT Oklahoma Round 5-6 East
29 Evan Anderson DL Florida Atlantic Round 5-6 East
30 Sundiata Anderson EDGE Grambling State Round 5-6 West
31 Tyler Owens S Texas Tech Round 5-6 West
32 Beanie Bishop Jr. CB West Virginia Round 5-6 West
33 Austin Reed QB Western Kentucky Round 5-6 East
34 Solomon Byrd EDGE USC Round 5-6 West
35 Steele Chambers LB Ohio State Round 5-6 West
36 Mark Perry S TCU Round 6-7 West
37 Kenny Logan Jr. S Kansas Round 6-7 East
38 Karsen Barnhart OT Michigan Round 6-7 East
39 Matt Lee OC Miami (FL) Round 6-7 West
40 Jackson Mitchell LB UConn Round 6-7 East
41 Cornelius Johnson WR Michigan Round 6-7 East
42 Isaiah Williams WR Illinois Round 6-7 East
43 Dwight McGlothern CB Arkansas Round 6-7 West
44 Dominique Hampton S Washington Round 6-7 West
45 Logan Lee DL Iowa Round 6-7 West
46 Jarrian Jones CB Florida State Round 6-7 East
47 Dylan McMahon OC NC State Round 6-7 West
48 Blake Watson RB Memphis Round 6-7 West
49 McCallan Castles TE Tennessee Round 6-7 East
50 Jaylon Carlies S Missouri Round 6-7 East
51 Justin Rogers DL Auburn Round 6-7 West
52 Myles Harden CB South Dakota Round 7-UDFA West
53 Ro Torrence CB Arizona State Round 7-UDFA East
54 Willis Patrick OG TCU Round 7-UDFA West
55 David Ugwoegbu EDGE Houston Round 7-UDFA East
56 Jalen Sundell OC North Dakota State Round 7-UDFA East
57 Josh Wallace CB Michigan Round 7-UDFA East
58 Zion Logue DL Georgia Round 7-UDFA East
59 Kalen DeLoach LB Florida State Round 7-UDFA East
60 Aaron Casey LB Indiana Round 7-UDFA East
61 Ryan Flournoy WR Southeast Missouri State Round 7-UDFA West
62 Ryan Watts CB Texas Round 7-UDFA West
63 Xavier Thomas EDGE Clemson Round 7-UDFA East
64 Jamree Kromah DL James Madison Round 7-UDFA East
65 Caedan Wallace OG Penn State Round 7-UDFA East
66 Bub Means WR Pittsburgh Round 7-UDFA West
67 Daijahn Anthony S Ole Miss Round 7-UDFA East
68 Jarius Monroe CB Tulane Round 7-UDFA West
69 Darius Muasau LB UCLA Round 7-UDFA West
70 Myles Murphy DL North Carolina Round 7-UDFA West
71 Josiah Ezirim OT Eastern Kentucky Round 7-UDFA West
72 Anim Dankwah OT Howard Round 7-UDFA West
73 Jaxon Janke WR South Dakota State Round 7-UDFA West
74 Mason McCormick OG South Dakota State Round 7-UDFA West
75 Mikey Victor CB Alabama State Round 7-UDFA East
76 Omar Brown S Nebraska Round 7-UDFA East
77 Dallas Gant LB Toledo Round 7-UDFA West
78 Eyabi Okie-Anoma EDGE Charlotte Round 7-UDFA East
79 Fabien Lovett Sr. DL Florida State Round 7-UDFA East
80 Gotllieb Ayedze OT Maryland Round 7-UDFA East
81 Jaden Shirden RB Monmouth Round 7-UDFA East
82 Devin Leary QB Kentucky Round 7-UDFA East
83 Chigozie Anusiem CB Colorado State Round 7-UDFA East
84 Nathan Pickering DL Mississippi State Round 7-UDFA West
85 Trey Taylor S Air Force Round 7-UDFA East
86 Zach Heins TE South Dakota State Round 7-UDFA West
87 Maema Njongmeta LB Wisconsin Round 7-UDFA East
88 Nick Samac OC Michigan State Round 7-UDFA West
89 Nathan Thomas OT Louisiana Round 7-UDFA East
90 Donovan Jennings OG USF Round 7-UDFA West
91 Tip Reiman TE Illinois Round 7-UDFA East
92 Tyrone Tracy Jr. RB Purdue Round 7-UDFA East
93 X'Zauvea Gadlin OG Liberty Round 7-UDFA East
94 Deantre Prince CB Ole Miss Round 7-UDFA East
95 Jaylen Key S Alabama Round 7-UDFA West
96 Harrison Mevis K Missouri Round 7-UDFA East
97 Jowon Briggs DL Cincinnati Round 7-UDFA East
98 Levelle Bailey LB Fresno State UDFA West
99 Jordan Miller DL SMU UDFA West
100 Anthony Gould WR Oregon State UDFA East
101 John Rhys Plumlee QB UCF UDFA West
102 Kedon Slovis QB BYU UDFA West
103 Jadon Janke WR South Dakota State UDFA West
104 Jalen Coker WR Holy Cross UDFA West
105 Christian Roland-Wallace CB USC UDFA West
106 C.J. Hanson OG Holy Cross UDFA West
107 Isaac Rex TE BYU UDFA West
108 David White Jr. WR Western Carolina UDFA East
109 Tylan Grable OT UCF UDFA West
110 Cam Little K Arkansas UDFA West
111 Hunter Nourzad OC Penn State UDFA East
112 Jack Plummer QB Louisville UDFA East
113 Lideatrick Griffin WR Mississippi State UDFA West
114 Matthew Hayball P Vanderbilt UDFA East
115 Deshaun Fenwick RB Oregon State UDFA East
116 Tayvion Robinson WR Kentucky UDFA East
117 Trajan Jeffcoat EDGE Arkansas UDFA West
118 Daequan Hardy CB Penn State UDFA West
119 Tejhuan Palmer WR UAB UDFA East
120 Khristian Boyd DL Northern Iowa UDFA East
121 Trente Jones OG Michigan UDFA East
122 Qwan'tez Stiggers CB Toronto Argonauts UDFA West
123 Joe Shimko LS NC State UDFA East
124 Ryan Rekhow P BYU UDFA West
125 Mason Pline TE Furman UDFA East
126 Marco Ortiz LS Nebraska UDFA West

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