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Top Ten Mock Draft: Ryan Poles goes wild Edition!

In the final edition of “Top Ten Mocks” Ryan Poles gets a wild hair in this probably not-so-realistic mock draft.

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It’s the final mock draft in this series, and it’s time to have a little fun.

We explored how mock drafts could look if the Chicago Bears select any of the three rookie quarterbacks (Caleb Williams, Drake Maye, Jayden Daniels).

We explored how it would look if the Bears targeted and selected Marvin Harrison, Jr.

We also looked at how the “trade down for a haul” draft would look.

Finally, this is the “Poles goes wild edition.” If you like trades, you’ll love this mock draft.

1. Las Vegas Raiders- Caleb Williams, USC Quarterback

This mock gets off with a bang as the Chicago Bears trade all the way down to 13 overall with the Las Vegas Raiders. The Raiders want to make a really big splash and Mark Davis is enamored with the idea of Caleb Williams playing in the city of Las Vegas, he thinks it’s a match made in heaven.

The trade is a massive haul for Ryan Poles. The Bears land 13, 44 and 77 this year. They land the Raiders first and third round picks in 2025, they land the Raiders second and fourth round picks in 2026 and they bring in Maxx Crosby as well.

2. Washington Commanders- Drake Maye, North Carolina Quarterback

There’s been some rumbles that Jayden Daniels could push Maye for the second QB off the board, but as we stand in January, it still seems like Maye is destined to be headed to Washington come late April.

3. New England Patriots- Marvin Harrison, Ohio State Wide Receiver

The Patriots are going to dictate a lot of what happens behind them based on what they decide to do here. They could obviously take Daniels here, but they may not love him as a prospect and may want to build up the rest of the roster before grabbing a QB in a year or two. For this mock, we go back to Harrison at 3.

4. New York Giants- Jayden Daniels, LSU Quarterback

With Harrison off the board, the Cardinals decide to add some more draft capital to their arsenal. The Giants come up to take their QB and send their second round pick to make the swap. Brian Daboll knows he can’t go into another season with Daniel Jones being his QB1.

5. Los Angles Chargers- Malik Nabers, LSU Wide Receiver

The Chargers thought they were going to lose out on Nabers but love the fact that the Giants moved up for a quarterback, arguably the only position the Chargers don’t need. They grab Nabers and give Justin Herbert an electric weapon to utilize.

6. Arizona Cardinals- Joe Alt, Notre Dame Tackle

The Cardinals have several holes and decide that the idea of Paris Johnson and Joe Alt as bookend tackles for the next decade is going to be the best move for the franchise moving forward. If Kyler Murray is going to succeed in Arizona, this type of protection is a good step forward.

7. Tennessee Titans- Olu Fashanu, Penn State Tackle

The Titans were hoping for Alt, but once the Cardinals decide to go offensive line, the Titans take Fashanu and plan to line him up next to Peter Skoronski and create an elite left side of the line.

8. Atlanta Falcons- Dallas Turner, Alabama Edge

The Falcons need help with their pass rush and selecting their top edge on their board is a good place to start. With such a heavy run on offensive players, the Falcons are thrilled that they have access to the top defensive player in the draft.

9. Seattle Seahawks- Michael Penix, Jr, Washington QB

What? Another trade down. Ryan Poles is rubbing his hands together like an evil genius as he pulls in even more draft capital for the future. Poles plays hardball and is able to land 16 overall and the Seahawks 2025 first rounder for the 9th pick and the Bears 2025 third round pick.

10. New York Jets- JC Latham, Alabama Tackle

As we’ve been saying in every mock, the Jets need help protecting Aaron Rodgers and Latham is the best guy on the board that can help them do that this season.

13. Chicago Bears- Rome Odunze, Washington Wide Receiver

After the Minnesota Vikings take Laiatu Latu and the Denver Broncos select Terrion Arnold, Poles is thrilled that his calculated risk pays off. The man he was going to take at 9 is still on the board at 13. The Bears still get an elite weapon for Justin Fields, have acquired a lot more talent and have one more first round pick to go.

16. Houston Texans- Brock Bowers, Georgia Tight End

Alright, now Poles is just teasing all of us, right? The Texans want another pass catcher for CJ Stroud and come up from 23 to grab him. In exchange, Houston sends 23 and the 59th overall pick back to Chicago to get the deal done.

23. Chicago Bears- Jer’Zhan Newton, Illinois Defensive Tackle

Poles finally makes his second first round selection and grabs Matt Eberflus’ monster 3-Tech. The Bears love what Newton can do and think they will have the best defensive line in the league with Maxx Crosby, Montez Sweat, Newton, Gervon Dexter, DeMarcus Walker and Andrew Billings.

That’s a lot of movement from Ryan Poles, if you lost track, here’s the final tally:

Rome Odunze, Washington Wide Receiver
Jer’Zhan Newton, Illinois Defensive Tackle
Maxx Crosby, All Pro Edge
44 overall (Raiders second round pick)
59 overall (Texans second round pick)
77 overall (Raiders third round pick)
Las Vegas Raiders First Round Pick 2025
Seattle Seahawks First Round Pick 2025
Las Vegas Raiders Third Round Pick 2025
Las Vegas Raiders Second Round Pick 2026
Las Vegas Raiders Fourth Round Pick 2026

But don’t forget, the Bears had to part with their own third round pick in 2025.