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What does Bears QB coach Kerry Joseph look for in a quarterback?

New Chicago Bears QB coach Kerry Joseph is in Mobile coaching at the Senior Bowl, and he shared some thoughts on the position.

Los Angeles Chargers v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Tom Hauck/Getty Images

New Chicago Bears quarterback coach Kerry Joseph is coaching at the Senior Bowl, and CHGO's Nicholas Moreano caught up with him to ask what he looks at to predict success at the position.

“Arm talent, accuracy, you know. Delivery quickness, physicality, toughness, swagger. You got to have a little swag playing the quarterback position, and when I say that, I mean confidence. You got to have confidence, and I like to say arrogance, but arrogance to me, all it’s is confidence under control.”

He also spoke with the Chicago Tribune’s Jason Lieser and shared more of what he looks for.

As he analyzes film, he has “a list of critical factors” he tries to identify, and those details fit under the umbrella of his D-T-A principle, which stands for decision, timing and accuracy.

From there, he’s looking for attributes that don’t show up on film — especially with draft prospects. He wants to see accountability and responsibility and discern whether players are passionate competitors when the Bears interview them.

“You’ve gotta know the person,” Joseph said. “You’ve gotta have a great leader. It starts with the person. Coaching is about relationships, then you can teach football.”

Joseph is coaching with the American Team in Mobile, and here are the QBs he's working with: South Carolina's Spencer Rattler, Tulane's Michael Pratt, and South Alabama's Carter Bradley.

The Bears have a full contingent of scouts there, so they'll also get a good look at the National Team QBs: Oregon's Bo Nix, Notre Dame's Sam Hartman, and Washington's Michael Penix Jr.

The Bears have returning starter Justin Fields, backup Tyson Bagent, and free agent to be Nathan Peterman on the roster at quarterback, and they also hold the number one overall draft pick on April 25, which could be used on a quarterback such as USC's Caleb Williams.

I'll let you guys debate which quarterback(s) Joseph has in mind with those comments.