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Bears Banter: The assessments of Matt Eberflus, Luke Getsy and Justin Fields

Bears Banter takes a deep dive on the key three names this season.

Chicago Bears v Green Bay Packers Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

The latest Bears Banter Podcast has dropped!

The Chicago Bears have one game to go in the 2023 season, and it just so happens to be against the Green Bay Packers.

Many fans and analysts are talking about how much the outcome of this game could swing the futures of Luke Getsy and Justin Fields, and even Matt Eberflus, but it shouldn’t matter that much.

It’s one game, even if that one game is the Packers. Sure, the Bears should want to win this one and spoil the Packers’ season, but isolating one game is not how you make a sound assessment of any of the three names above.

Bears Banter spends most of the podcast discussing those three men and what decisions the Bears are about to make in under a week.

This podcast doesn’t spend too much time on the Packers game, it instead focuses on the big picture and where this franchise is headed.

To listen to the podcast, check it out below:

In case you missed it, the poll results about what the media (local beat guys and some national big-wigs) believe will happen with Eberflus, Getsy, and Fields can be found here.