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WCG Media Poll: Matt Eberflus will return, Luke Getsy, Justin Fields will not

We conducted a poll to see what the professionals think the Bears will do this offseason

Green Bay Packers v Chicago Bears Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

The debates about what the Chicago Bears should do this offseason have reached a fever pitch.

Throughout various points of the season, fans have wanted both Matt Eberflus and Luke Getsy fired and the debates have raged about Justin Fields for weeks and have grown increasingly hostile on social media platforms.

While the fan base continues to debate the futures of these three men, as we approach the final game of the regular season, we at Windy City Gridiron decided to poll members of the media to see what they think the Bears will do this offseason.

There were 37 members of the media that responded to this poll. The majority of the media are based in Chicago and are regularly at Halas Hall and also those you hear regularly on the radio, watch on television, or read their articles.

The national media polled are all well-known members, most of whom are very well plugged in around league circles.

Everyone was given three choices, if the individual will return, if the Bears will move on, or if they believe their fate is tied to the outcome of the Green Bay Packers game this Sunday.

Here are the results:

84% believe Matt Eberflus will return.
3% believe he will not.
13% believe the Packers game will impact this decision.

27% believe Luke Getsy will return.
54% believe he will not.
19% believe the Packers game will impact this decision.

32% believe Justin Fields will return.
51% believe he will not.
16% believe the Packers game will impact this decision.

If you want to see all this in tweet form, please check it out below (it’s a short 3-tweet thread):

There shouldn’t be any surprise that the media believe Matt Eberflus’ job is safe. The Bears are 7-5 in their last 12 and have won 4 of their last 5. After a rough September, Eberflus has steadied the ship and the team is finishing the year on a hot-streak.

The results from the media about Luke Getsy and Justin Fields are very mixed. Just over 50% of the media members feel both of them are most likely going to be elsewhere in 2024, but nearly 20% think their future is hitched to the result of the Green Bay Packers game on Sunday.

Some of those polled mentioned that they felt an extreme result in the Packers game is why they voted that their future depended on that game. Meaning, if the Bears were blown out, it would be an issue for Fields and Getsy (or for Eberflus) and if the Bears blew out the Packers, that it would do wonders for Fields or Getsy. I think many felt that if the Bears lost 20 to 17 that it wouldn’t have too much of an impact on their future.

The fact that Getsy and Fields results are so close was surprising. The assumption going in was that Eberflus would be safest, Fields would be in the middle and Getsy would be a distant third but Getsy ran quite close to Fields, just separated by 3 to 5% (which is 1 or 2 people in this sample size.

It’s going to be a fascinating offseason and based on these results by the media, none of us seem to know what’s in store for the Chicago Bears.

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