Dys-Poles-ian Draft

The NFL landscape has changed, and there is a lot of hope in the Bears faithful on this site to believe in Ryan Poles and his approach to the rebuild. I am one however that does not trust the management of this franchise to make the correct moves in building a modern NFL team that can compete for a championship.

Call me cynical, and I probably am. But I have been fooled too many times by the beacon of light known as hope when it comes to my Bears fandom. So as much as I want the draft to focus primarily on offense, I know I will have to prepare myself to get more of the same.

Two years ago I found myself clamoring for Wan'Dale Robinson or Alec Pierce, only to get a pair of DB's in round 2. And in round 3, I was pounding the table for Abraham Lucas, Bernhard Raimann, or Dylan Parham, only to be treated with the announcement of Velus Jones Jr.

Last year I convinced myself that Poles had so many holes to fill, that perhaps he will now focus on that offense. I was over the moon when he took Wright in the first round. I said to myself, "this is the year we fix this offense!" And in the next 2 rounds I watched in horror as he took a pair of DL's and another CB. I know these folks are turning out to be good players, but they are defense. And in the modern NFL, the defense is being muted as the viewers want high flying offense. So where is my offense?

Knowing what awaits in year 3, I have charted a course to another ho-hum draft that will bring excitement on the offense, followed by lots of focus on the defense. I will miss out yet again on what I see is a large need moving forward, to solidify the OL and get a big bodied WR2 to pair with Moore.

So now I take on the role of Ryan Poles and bring you my 2024 Polesian draft day. Enjoy this installment from his mind, or at least what I can pick from his mind based entirely on the previous drafts, to be read in Ryan Poles style. (Although you can read in the voice of James Earl Jones if you find that more appealing)

Out of the gate I must change out the last of the Ryan Pace regime. I can't be seen with anything resembling his mark on this franchise. So Justin Fields goes to his hometown Atlanta and I get a pick I desperately need.

Falcons get: Justin Fields, 2025 4th round pick

Bears get: Pick 43

After I select Caleb Williams, the heir apparent to cement my legacy, I could continue to build around him at pick 9 by taking the premier LT Olu who has slid this far. Gone are Alt, Bowers, MHJ, Odunze, and Nabers. But I have a serviceable LT in Braxton Jones, so defense is my go to.

But now I have an interesting trade. I can trade back at 9, still get a top flight defensive player, and get a great overpay all because Daniels is still in play for a QB needy team. I trade Daniels and lick my chops for the first piece of a Flus defense to fall into place.

Raiders get: Pick 9, Pick 110

Bears get: Pick 13, Pick 44, Pick 234

With Dallas Turner gone, along with Kool-Aid, Newton, and Latu (who went top 8), I end up with the 3rd EDGE rusher off the board to pair with Sweat in Jared Verse. Now I sit back and wait until the 2nd round where I can continue my drafting dominance.

In round 2 I hold back-to-back picks at 43 and 44. This is my shot to address the IOL heartbreak last year, as well as add another key piece on defense. By the time 43 rolls around, Graham Barton is gone, so I take the stud OG from Kansas State; Cooper Beebe. Hark! A call comes in for pick 44. It isn't as juicy as I would like, but who can resist a good trade back for future capital.

Dolphins get: Pick 44

Bears get: Pick 53, Pick 242, 2025 3rd round pick

I now watch as the two top OC's fly off the board, but who needs that anyway? I need to get a WR who checks two distinct boxes. High RAS and Tyreek Hill clone. I swung and missed on VJJ, but the second time's the charm as I take Malachi Corley.

Now my offense is completely fixed so it is time to focus on whatever Flus needs to make his defense complete. If I can trade back for multiple picks, I get to use one for offense, otherwise it is defense from here on out. I focus pick 75 on Tykee Smith.

Steelers get: Pick 110

Bears get: Pick 120, Pick 198

And with that trade back, I now have 2 picks to use on offense and 4 picks on defense for the remainder of the draft. I will focus all my remaining picks on high RAS guys.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I introduce to you, your Chicago Bears draft class of 2024.

Pick 1: Caleb Williams, QB, USC

Pick 13: Jared Verse, DE, FSU

Pick 43: Cooper Beebe, OG, KSU

Pick 53: Malachi Corley, WR, Western Kentucky

Pick 75: Tykee Smith, S, Georgia (to replace Eddie Jackson)

Pick 120: Max Melton, CB, Rutgers

Pick 122: Sataoa Laumea, OT/OG, Utah

Pick 146: Ty'Ron Hopper, LB, Missouri

Pick 198: Xavier Thomas, DL, Clemson

Pick 234: BJ Mays, DB, UAB

Pick 242: Blake Watson, RB, Memphis

2025 3rd round pick from Miami

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