The heated quarterback debate has me worried

It seems many are sick of this topic already, and sorry to add to that, but the fanbase of a franchise with not the best of history at quarterback is arguing over two quarterbacks. You would think that would be a wonderful place for us, but no, Bears fans seem determined to take a win-win situation and turn it into a loss.

My concern is we stick with Justin Fields and how our fanbase reacts to that. We saw the game against the Falcons and the support Fields got, which was brilliant. I worry if he lines up under centre next season, and we have another Rex Grossman situation where Justin Fields gets booed because he is not the quarterback some fans wanted. The same thing can be said if Caleb Williams is under center, he gets booed because he is not Justin Fields. It's a very worrying situation around something that should be incredibly exciting for all fans.

It's a brilliant situation for the Chicago Bears to be in. We can't lose unless you, as a fan, turn it into a loss because you don't get the guy you want.

Until someone named Kevin Warren, Ryan Poles, or Matt Eberflus tells me otherwise, Justin Fields is the starting quarterback for the Chicago Bears. He is my guy, and I will support him with everything I have in me. Just like if Caleb Williams becomes our quarterback, I will support him with everything I have in me, it's what a fan does.

No matter who is our quarterback in 2024, they're our guy, and if you're a Chicago Bears fan, you root for them, no matter what. Everyone can share their opinion and even debate passionately about it, but you have to accept not everyone sees things the same way as you do. It's getting very concerning seeing how some fans are reacting.

The last thing I want is for Justin Fields to experience the opposite of what he enjoyed against the Falcons. I have a bad feeling that Bears fans will boo Justin Fields because he is not Caleb Williams, or boo Caleb Williams because he is not Justin Fields. I hope I'm wrong, but I've seen this happen before.

I doubt this fan post will change anything, and this heated debate will continue until Ryan Poles decides on our number 1 draft pick.

I think we're trading out and sticking with Justin Fields, but there are several things we could do. I have nothing but theories on what we will do, but I know no matter what Ryan Poles decides, it's a win for the Chicago Bears.

I'll post next week why I think we're sticking with Justin Fields. I did plan to do it this week, but this article would be very long if I did.

Everyone has an opinion, and we're entitled to it, but whoever is our starting quarterback in 2024, he is our guy, he is our quarterback, even if he is not the choice you would make, root for them, believe in them, support them, there our guy.


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