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Kevin Warren announces ticket price increase, updates fans on stadium project

Kevin Warren writes letter to season ticket holders with key pieces of information

Atlanta Falcons v Chicago Bears Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images

As he did last offseason, Kevin Warren has once again written a letter to the Chicago Bears Season Ticket Holders.

Warren talked about how he is confident in Ryan Poles and Matt Eberflus. He’s excited for the additions of DJ Moore and Montez Sweat and is excited they have two picks in the top ten of the 2024 NFL Draft.

But Warren announced two things that will catch most fans’ eyes in the body of the lengthy letter.

First, Warren announced that there will be a new ticket price this year.

Warren wrote:

“As part of our 2024 planning, we have spent the last few months evaluating our season ticket prices and the market considerations that factor into our business decisions. With careful thought and analysis, our 2024 season ticket package price will increase on average by 8.0%, with increases ranging from 6.2% to 11.3%.”

That’s a hefty price increase for a team that finished the 2023 season with more losses than wins. Perhaps the Bears are expecting an increase in interest based on their 2024 offseason or perhaps looking to increase revenue to help fund a stadium down the line.

Speaking of the stadium, Warren also provided an update, although not much of one, regarding the stadium project.

“I have embraced the opportunity to meet many of you, our Season Ticket Holders, who all share the same passion and enthusiasm to bring a Super Bowl victory to the Chicagoland area as well as a new, world-class fixed roof stadium,” Warren stated.

He expanded on the stadium later in the letter. “Additionally, we are making progress on our stadium development plan,” he stated. “Our deliberate and intentional process continues, and when a site is selected and a decision is made, we will be sure to communicate the plan for our Season Ticket Holders. We know and understand the critical role you play in our future.”

To my knowledge, this is the first time Kevin Warren has committed to a fixed roof stadium. It’s long been speculated that the plan would be a fixed roof over a retractable roof. Open air stadium was never a consideration because of the major events they want to be able to hold in this stadium in the future (Super Bowl, Final Four, etc).

Stay tuned as the Bears continue to work towards a plan for the new stadium and make sure you save a few extra bucks this summer, it just got a little more expensive to head to Solder Field in the fall.