Head to Head Draft: The Best Players Since 1980

Pro Bowls of the 1980s

Think of it as a Pro Bowl, only it's one game for all the marbles, and x160360 and I are playing one game for all the marbles. (Originally our eternal souls, but that's not in the, ahem, spirit of the way it unfolds). One game for your votes and bragging rights, but it's mostly about showing which players get selected.

Good news is, we get to draft from all the players who have ever played in our lifetimes. With both of us born in the 1970s, it's essentially 1980 on. Bad news is that means no Sid Luckmans or Red Granges, as this is supposed to be a little more contemporary than that.

Let's go full 53-man rosters plus head coach. If you want to go 3-4 or 4-3 on defense, your choice.

Full kickoff rules, none of this modern day garbage. Of course, the kickers we select will probably boot it through the end zone in any case.

Snake draft: I'll go first, then x gets 2 picks, then I get 2 picks, etc.

Roman's Team

QB - T Brady, J Montana
WR - C Johnson, L Fitzgerald, S Largent, J Lofton, M Evans
RB - B Sanders, L Tomlinson, B Jackson, E Campbell, D Johnston

TE - R Gronkowski, T Kelce, S Sharpe
OT - J Ogden, J Thomas, L Johnson
OG - B Matthews, R McDaniel, M Munchak
C - M Webster

DE - Reggie White, A Donald, Randy White, TT Jones
DT - F Smerlas, T Washington
MLB - R Lewis, M Singletary, L Kuechly
OLB - L Taylor, D Thomas, J Seau, D Ware
CB - D Sanders, C Bailey, R Sherman, L Hayes
NB - J Ramsey
S - R Lott,. E Reed, B Dawkins, J Lynch

K - J Tucker
P - S Lechler
KR - D Hester
PR - D Hester
LS - S DeOssie

Coach: Bill Belichick

x160160's Team (so far)

QB - S Young, Eli Manning (yes, really)
WR - J Rice, R Moss, T Owens, S Sharpe, M Irvin, S Smith Sr
RB - M Faulk, W Payton, M Allen, L Neal
TE - T Gonzalez, A Gates, J Witten
OT - E Munoz, J Slater
OG - J Hannah, L Allen
C - K Mawae

DE - B Smith, J Peppers, JJ Watt, C Doleman, J Allen, J Taylor
DT - J Randle, W Sapp, C Kennedy, C Campbell
MLB - B Urlacher
OLB - K Greene, D Brooks
CB - R Woodson, C Tillman, A Williams, D Green, D Revis
NB - C Woodson
S - T Polamalu, D Sharper, S Atwater, K Easley

K - Adam Vinatieri
P - P McAfee
KR - C Patterson
PR - B Mitchell
LS - P Mannelly

Coach: Bill Walsh

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