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Best picks in 49ers-Chiefs matchup to win 2024 Super Bowl (SB LVIII Open Thread)

The WCG crew makes their picks for the big game!

Cincinnati Bengals v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by David Eulitt/Getty Images

The Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers will square off this Sunday in Super Bowl LVIII in Las Vegas, with kickoff scheduled at 5:30 pm CT. The game will be aired on CBS and be streamed on Paramount +, and you can watch the kid-centric version on Nickelodeon.

I asked the WCG crew to give me their pick for who they think will win the game, but also who they wanted to win, and here’s what we had to say.

Sam Householder: Who do I want to win? The Chiefs. Yup. No Chiefs’ fatigue here. I have family and friends who live in Missouri and are die-hard fans. Plus, I enjoy watching Mahomes, Kelce and Reid. Who do I think will win? Also, the Chiefs.

Mason West: I feel like I’m similar to many Bears fans, who have a jealous hate of the Chiefs and Mahomes in my soul. The one who got away. The one who scored on the Bears and counted on his fingers as he celebrated to rub salt in the wound. Da Bears were saddled with NVP and Pro Bowl Alternate Mitch Trubisky while the Chiefs are playing in their 4th Superbowl, going for their 3rd win in the Mahome era. But I have moved on. I did when the Bears got Justin, which unfortunately did not work out due to ineptitude by this charter franchise. I say all this to ultimately say I am rooting for the Chiefs. I am rooting to see greatness. Purdy is fine, but the Mr. Irrelevant to MVP narrative is too much. He has one of the greatest teams ever surrounding him, from the defense, to weapons, to OL, to his savant head coach. Mahomes has drug the worst offense he has been a part of to the Superbowl with the help of a great young defense. I can’t bet against Mahomes until he gives me a reason to. I THINK the Chiefs will win, and I WANT the Chiefs to win.

Bill Zimmerman: Like many Bears fans, I would love to see Matt Nagy win another ring, so I am cheering for the Chiefs. As for who do I think will win? At some point, people will learn to stop picking against Patrick Mahomes. The Chiefs have the better QB, better coach and better defense. Give me the Chiefs.

Taylor Doll: Who I want to win, The 49ers. I love everything about this team, from knocking out the Packers every year, to George Kittle’s love for the Bears, to the way Kyle Shanahan calls plays, to some of my favorite players in the league with Deebo, Aiyuk, CMC, Bosa and Warner. I also love the Mr. Irrelevant story with Brock Purdy and how he continues to impress all season and even under pressure. Who do I think will win? I really want to say the Niners, but I can’t pick against Mahomes yet. He’s that guy who, as soon as you start to doubt him, turns on a whole new level. I do expect this to be back and forth and come down to a late score, but I have to say KC until they prove otherwise.

Josh Sunderbruch: Who do I want to win? George Kittle, and therefore the 49ers. Kittle is an honorary Bear in my mind, and I’d love to see him get a ring. Mahomes’ tantrum over a completely legitimate penalty also soured me rather decidedly on The Most Valuable Bundler. Who do I think will win? Probably the Kansas City Swifts brought to you by State Farm.

Ken Mitchell: I live in the heart of Chiefs’ country, surrounded by KC fans at work and in town. I personally do not care one little bit about the Chiefs or the Niners, and as far as football goes, I have no personal feelings one way or the other. Having said that, I guess I “want” the Chiefs to win so everybody around here isn’t in a bad mood next week. Who do I think will win? KC. Why? Mahomes is better than Purdy, and Kelce is better than Kittle. But I think it’s just about a pick-um, so no result from a KC blowout all the way to a Niners blowout would surprise me.

Lester A. Wiltfong Jr.: I’m taking the Chiefs mainly because I learned my lesson betting against Mahomes in the AFC Conference Championship game. It seems every time the Chiefs need a play, Mahomes comes through, and with rookie receiver Rashee Rice becoming a nice complement to tight end Travis Kelce, not to mention a solid running game, Kansas City has too much on offense to be denied. It’ll be a close game, but I expect K.C.’s defense to get after San Francisco QB Vrock Purdy. As for who I’ll be rooting for, I don’t know. I’ll make that call at game time.

According to DraftKings Sportsbook, the 49ers are currently 2-point favorites over the Chiefs, with the over/under at 47.5 points.

Let us know your pick for the game in the comment section, and once we get closer to kickoff, this will be your open thread to discuss the game.