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Jack is Chicago's sports historian, and the official Bears historian for Windy City Gridiron.

The complete history of the Bears-Packers rivalry

WCG historian Jack M Silverstein looks back at the stars, highlights and swings in power in the greatest rivalry in sports.

BREAKING: Steve McMichael Named Pro Football Hall of Fame Finalist

The former Bears DT officially recognized for his greatness.

BREAKING: Steve McMichael reaches the Pro Football Hall of Fame final 12

A massive step forward for the Bears legend.

Johnny Lujack’s Place in Bears History

WCG’s resident historian talks Johnny Lujack, George Halas, and Chicago Bears lore

Goodbye dear friend: A love letter to Soldier Field

Prepping for the end of Bears football in the elements

How Ryan Poles and the NFL’s new diversity hiring rule helped Kansas City win Super Bowl LVII

A 2020 rule helped bring Kadarius Toney and Leo Chenal to KC.

BREAKING: Devin Hester not in Pro Football Hall of Fame Class of 2023

Don’t sweat it, Bears fans: the GOAT will be in Canton soon.

How the defending champion Bears won the #1 pick in the NFL Draft twice

The surprising history of the Bears picking #1

She’s seen a century: Reflections on Bears football on Virginia McCaskey’s 100th birthday

Happy birthday to the Bears matriarch

Devin Hester named Pro Football Hall of Fame Class of 2023 finalist

The return GOAT is back!