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Josh is originally from South Dakota, but he's currently teaching college in the northwest suburbs. He tries to write articles using data and context as a way of framing his experience as a fan. If he's not teaching or getting out into nature with his family, he might be practicing one of the martial arts he's studied haphazardly over the last 30+ years.

Ten Thoughts on the NFL

There are still plenty of things to talk about in the NFL, even if none of them involve the Bears making it into the playoffs this year.

On Fields and Fumbling: How bad is the problem?

JF1 has an issue with ball security, but it has more to do with the situations he finds himself in than his actual ability to secure the ball.

Keys to the Game Roundtable: Bears-Vikings

The WCG crew has their keys for a Bears win here.

Justin Fields Nominated (Again) for FedEx Ground Player of the Week

Justin Fields’ dominating performances continue to be recognized by the broader NFL fanbase.

Keys to the Game Roundtable: Bears vs. Lions

The Bears hit the road to face the division-leading Lions and our contributors unlock the keys to victory.

Why It’s All Going to be Fine (A Chicago Bears Fan Guide)

Look, it’s obviously a rough time to be a Bears fan. Even the guy who was supposed to help fix things seems to be struggling! However, it’s not his fault. If you want to know why, please read on.

Keys to the Game Roundtable: Carolina Panthers vs. Chicago Bears

Ryan Poles should be out of excuses

Yeah, he took over a bad team. That’s why the job was open. It’s his job to fix that, and he’s not getting that job done.

Chase Young to Chicago Makes Sense

If the Bears are ever going to get out of their slump, they need to keep adding to the trenches. Young would be a big part of that.

Bears-Chargers: Keys to the Game Roundtable

Our writers breakdown what the Bears need to do to win on the road on Sunday night.