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Sam has written for Windy City Gridiron since 2012 and has hosted the Sunday Livestream since 2013. He writes general news and opinion pieces as well as game previews and betting articles. His background includes six years as a journalist at small newspapers in Indiana. He graduated with a degree in photojournalism from Ball State University in 2010.

Week 5 game preview: Bears-Commanders

The Bears are taking their 0-4 show on the road

Stock up, stock down: Bears drop their 14th straight game

This team makes it very, very hard to find anyone for the "up" category.

WCG Sunday Livestream: NFL Week 4 - Bears vs Broncos

Keys to the Game Roundtable: Bears-Broncos

It’s a battle of the winless teams Sunday and our team breaks down what it will take for a Chicago W.

NFL Week 4 Game preview: Bears-Broncos

Two 0-3 teams enter, and one will leave as the undisputed biggest laughing stock of the NFL.

Stock up, stock down: Bears-Chiefs

Spoiler, there’s a lot more down than up.

WCG Sunday Livestream: NFL Week 3 - Chicago Bears vs Kansas City Chiefs

After the week that was, playing a football game against the Chiefs feels like relief.

Keys to the game roundtable: Bears vs. Chiefs

Coming off the wildest week of news and press conferences in a couple of years, the Bears have to go on the road and face the Super Bowl champs.

Week 3 game preview: Chicago Bears at Kansas City Chiefs

The Bears, in the midst of one of their crazier weeks in recent memory, head to Kansas City to play the Super Bowl champs

Stock up, stock down: Bears-Bucs

Everything sucks and it doesn’t look like it’s about to get any better.