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Chicago Bears Draft 2018

Forever fired up: At his pace, Ryan Pace has turned the Bears into a contender

It’s taken awhile, but Pace built the Bears his way. He has them at the doorstep of relevancy and more.

This Class Sucks Too: A Hot Take on the Bears’ 2018 Draft

Having too much fun enjoying the class of 2018? Feel like the enthusiasm in the Kool-Aid has gotten too toxic? Well, here is the antidote.

Breaking down the Bears’ roster after the 2018 NFL Draft

Let’s take a look at what Chicago’s roster looks like after the events of the 2018 NFL Draft.

2018 Bears Draft: Ready to turn in for grading (winning)

With impact talent at the top and upside projects at the bottom, Ryan Pace’s Bears put together an ideal draft. Grading the incoming 2018 class.

Chicago Bears 2018 Draft: The Grades are in

Taking a run through some of the expert grades on the Bears’ 2018 Draft class.

Which 2018 Chicago Bears rookie will make the biggest impact?

Take our Chicago Bears poll of the day, but also join in with your own thoughts in our comment action.

Know Thy Enemy - The 2018 NFC North’s Draft & Other Draft News

The NFC North, as a whole, had good drafts across the board. Here’s what our other SBNation siblings have to say about our enemies.

2018 NFL Draft: Bears UDFA tracker (Updated)

The madness of the draft is over, but there’s still talent unsigned us. Keep it with us here as the Bears look to fill out their roster over the coming days.

2018 NFL Draft: The complete 2018 Bears’ Draft class

Chicago got the perfect mix of immediate impact and high upside players in Ryan Pace’s fourth draft. The full list of new talent.

2018 NFL Draft: Bears select Javon Wims at No. 224 overall

Wims joins an already revamped group of Bears wide receivers.

A new rivalry? Bears take a jab at Rams’ Jared Goff

The Bears’ Twitter account had a little fun with Kylie Fitts and the Rams on Saturday afternoon.

2018 NFL Draft: Bears draft Kylie Fitts at No. 181 overall

Finally, mercifully, an edge rusher!

2018 NFL Draft: Bears select Bilal Nichols at No. 145 overall

Bilal Nichols will have the chance to compete for a starting spot alongside Akiem Hicks.

2018 NFL Draft: Bears draft Joel Iyiegbuniwe at No. 115 overall

Ryan Pace pulled a rabbit out of the hat with the pick of Iyiegbuniwe, as Chicago looks to set it’s inside linebacking future.

2018 NFL Draft: Open thread Day 3

One last day for Ryan Pace and the Bears to work their magic during the draft.

2018 NFL Draft: Bears’ remaining picks and needs going into Day 3

One last day of the draft, one last opportunity for the Bears to fill their holes. Here’s what else they can do.

The Anthony Miller Trade Makes Sense

Ryan Pace made a trade, as we all knew he would. This trade made a lot of sense for both teams.

2018 NFL Draft: Possible Day 3 targets for the Bears

The Bears swung for the fences on Day 2, and they can continue that momentum by picking any of these prospects on Day 3.

2018 NFL Draft: Bears trade back into second round, select Anthony Miller at No. 51 overall

At a high price, the Bears get a vaunted and competitive playmaker for their offense.

NFL Draft 2018: Bears draft James Daniels at No. 39 overall

Chicago gets one of the best interior offensive lineman in this draft.

2018 NFL Draft Day 2: Chicago Bears Open Thread

The first pick went for the defense. What does Ryan Pace do next?

2018 NFL Draft: Know Thy Enemy - The NFC North’s first round

Sadly, the other three teams in the division also got to draft in the first round. Even more sadly, no one had a bad night

2018 NFL Draft: The football world grades the Bears’ pick of Roquan Smith

From ESPN to the locals, there’s an almost unanimous consensus on the Bears’ pick of Smith. Can you say "home run"?

2018 NFL Draft: A beaming Vic Fangio among Bears’ winners and losers

Thursday night was big for the grizzled defensive coordinator. Not so much for Nick Kwiatkoski.

Chicago Bears 2018 NFL Draft Clouds: 7-9

With the draft hitting it’s meatiest portion, this series finally goes to Cloud Nine.

2018 Bears Draft: Remaining Needs

As the Bears move into Day 2 of the draft, what other holes do they need to fill?

2018 NFL Draft: Possible Day 2 targets for the Bears

With Day 1 of the 2018 NFL Draft wrapped up, let’s look at a few possible second round targets for the Bears.

New history: Roquan Smith gets his own chapter in Bears’ linebacking tradition

The next epic chapter in Bears’ linebacking history is about to be emphatically written by Smith.

2018 NFL Draft: Twitter mocks the Chicago Bears draft

Bears Twitter seems to be on board with this pick

NFL Draft 2018: Bears draft Roquan Smith at No. 8 overall

Chicago gets the most complete linebacker in the class as Smith looks to continue the Bears’ hallowed tradition at the position.

2018 NFL Draft Chicago Bears Open Thread


Zeglinski 2018 Bears’ Draft board

Every NFL general manager has size and athletic thresholds. Here are the Bears’ draft fits for need positions based on Ryan Pace’s acquisition history.

2018 Bears Draft: What should the Bears do Thursday night?

The season of "what if’s" is almost over. Let’s get down to brass tacks about what the Bears should do when their name is finally called in the first round.

2018 NFL mock draft: Last-minute predictions for what the Bears will do in all seven rounds

With the 2018 NFL Draft drawing near, let’s take a stab at what the Bears might do in all seven rounds.

Bears’ 2018 NFL Draft: TV Schedule, channel, dates, times, time per pick

Where you can see the Bears take their next class of talent in this year’s draft, and how.

Chicago Bears 2018 Draft Clouds: 4 through 6

I continue my stratospheric exploration of the Bears draft rankings, dipping down to the players likely to be available for the Bears second round pick.


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