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Chicago Bears Draft 2019

Film study: What’s going on with Bears WR Riley Ridley?

The 2019 fourth-round pick has seen very little playing time with the Bears. What’s the reason behind that?

2021 NFL Draft: Ranking QB prospects over last 3 drafts

With such a strong 2021 quarterback class, Lead Draft Analyst Jacob Infante ranks the top 10 quarterback prospects over the last three drafts.

What will be Ryan Pace’s draft legacy?

After six seasons, what has come of Ryan Pace’s pledge to draft playmakers? Who will be around to serve as the foundation of the next rebuild?

Saturday Spotlight: David Montgomery, Midwestern RB1

Throughout the 2020 NFL season, we’ll spotlight a Bears player in a weekly column. This week, we’ll take an in-depth look at Running Back David Montgomery

Four Lesser Frustrations of the 2019 Season

It would be easy to get hung up on the obvious frustrations of the 2019 season. However, Bears fans have a lot of reasons to be annoyed beyond the ones everybody is talking about.

Bears sign cornerback Duke Shelley; entire 2019 draft class locked up

There won’t be any holdouts this offseason, as everyone from the 2019 class has signed their rookie deals.

Predicting stat lines for Bears rookies in 2019

How might the Bears’ rookies fare statistically this year?

Examining draft day trades and the value they hold: Part 3

Despite the age of the Johnson chart, it continues to predict high-end trades better than its competitors. However, a new chart is beginning to own the middle of the draft.

Bears’ David Montgomery facing surprisingly tall odds for Offensive Rookie of the Year

With the odds given for the rookie running back, Montgomery seems like a smart bet.

Breaking down the Bears’ 2019 UDFA class

Jeff and EJ are back in the saddle discussing all the talent Chicago added through the 2019 Draft and UDFA process

A blazer and a singer: Kerrith Whyte Jr. was ready-made for his NFL moment

Talented in more ways than one, Whyte Jr. is a born-ready football player. His resiliency as an amateur is all you need to know he can tear up the NFL.

Best and Worst Deals From the 2019 Draft

The Chicago Bears had what was, for them, a quiet draft. They were certainly not the only team that moved around, and some of the prices paid were interesting, to say the least.

How David Montgomery’s time at Iowa State portends greatness with the Bears

A heart of gold, compassion, and discipline. A foundational offensive centerpiece. Montgomery’s college career is full of signs of him being the Bears’ missing piece.

Which division rival had the best draft?

The WCG writers weigh in on which Bears rival inside the division got better

Which Bears’ rookie is most likely to surprise?

Our offseason WCG roundtable topics are shifting over to the 2019 NFL Draft for the next few articles, and this time we want to know which rookie could be the biggest surprise?

Film Study: Who Is David Montgomery?

Robert S. takes to the tape to investigate what the Bears’ newest 3rd round draft pick, David Montgomery, brings to the offense.

Who could the 2019 Bears’ rookie class push off the 2020 roster?

Our offseason WCG roundtable topics are shifting over to the 2019 NFL Draft for the next few articles, but this one is looking towards the 2020 season.

Which draft pick will contribute day one?

In our latest roundtable, WCG writers discuss which draft pick will make the biggest impact this year (and beyond)

Art of the route: Riley Ridley brings route-running expertise to Bears’ offense

In an X’s and O’s breakdown, we take a look at what makes Ridley such a good route runner.

Bears announce their undrafted free agents signings

Which Bears’ draft pick was a head scratcher?

Our offseason WCG roundtable topics are shifting over to the 2019 NFL Draft for the next few articles, and this time we want to know which draft pick made you go hmmm.

Who is your favorite Bears rookie?

Our offseason WCG roundtable topics are shifting over to the 2019 NFL Draft for the next few articles...

Bears UDFA class receives an A+

The NFL Draft isn’t the only way to add talent to your rookie pool, and the Chicago Bears maximized their 2019 class with several undrafted free agents with draftable grades.

Maximized impact; Duerrwaechter’s assessment of the Chicago Bears’ 2019 draft class

Our resident Optimist Prime reviews and critiques the small yet loaded class selected by Ryan Pace.

In Emanuel Hall and Dax Raymond, Bears snag two potential UDFA gems

The Bears drafted three skill players in this year’s draft, but those players might not be the only rookies to make a difference in Chicago’s offense.

Examining Draft Trade Value Charts: The NFL Still Doesn’t Care About Chase Stuart

Well, maybe the Vikings? But not really...

Chicago Bears 2019 NFL Draft grades roundup

Technically speaking Khalil Mack and Anthony Miller were the Bears first two draft picks, but draft analysts seemed to like what the Bears did this weekend as evidenced by their grades.

Chicago Bears: Way too early 2019 NFL Draft grades

The 2019 NFL draft is over and the priority undrafted free agent period has cooled down. So, now we go through the exercise of giving out way too early "grades" on players that have never touched an NFL field!

Bears Over Beers Episode 8: 2019 Draft Quick Reaction Special

Takes so fresh they’ll melt in your hands...

Chicago Bears UDFA Tracker

Now the real fun begins for the Chicago Bears...

2019 NFL Draft: Bears draft Stephen Denmark at No. 238 overall

The Bears cap their latest draft class with a secondary project.

2019 NFL Draft: Bears draft Kerrith Whyte, Jr. at No. 222 overall

Speed is the name of the game as the Bears add a blazer to their offensive stable.

2019 NFL Draft: Bears draft Duke Shelley at No. 205 overall

After piling up their offensive future, the Bears add a feisty developmental cornerback.

2019 NFL Draft: Bears draft Riley Ridley at No. 126 overall

Chicago continues to add to their playmaking arsenal with the younger Ridley brother.

NFL Draft Day 3 Open Thread

Bears’ fans, this is the last day of the 2019 NFL Draft and this is your open thread!

2019 NFL Draft: Possible Day 3 options for Bears

With the first two days of the draft having concluded, these players are among the best options for the Bears on Day 3.


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