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One Stop 'Shop

OSS - Justin Fields: It’s Time (Video)

It’s not quite Justin Fields time in Chicago yet, but that doesn’t mean we can’t pretend…

One Stop Shop - Meh.

In the latest One Stop Shop, Will Robinson II (aka WhiskeyRanger) has a shiny new Bears Reaction GIF for you, just in time for the off-season!

One Stop Shop - This Is Fine.

This animated GIF is my gift to a frustrated Chicago Bears Fan Base. Use it wisely my friends.

OSS - Saturday The 31st!

How can you hope to run, without an offensive line?!

OSS - QB Face/Off!

Nick Foles and Mitch Trubisky Face/Off in this installment of One Stop Shop!

OSS - Chicago vs The Bye Week

The most grueling week of the NFL season is upon us.

OSS – Midway Avengers


OSS - Eddie Jackson is: Action Jackson!

It’s time for "Action"

OSS - A Beary Happy Thanksgiving!

The Bears are set to FEAST on Thanksgiving!

OSS - Midway Redemption

Saddle up! It’s a new One Stop ‘Shop!

OSS - Miller! (Happy Halloween!)

Darkness falls across the land...

OSS: Chi-Town Bears: Vice City

I can feel it coming in the air tonight, oh Lord!

OSS: Kylenan The Barbearian!

What is best in life?

OSS: Sacked in Seattle

A romantic tragicomedy for the ages!

OSS: Bear Down: Fury Road

Witness! The return of One Stop ‘Shop!

OSS: Happy Halloween (with Costume Contest)

Jeremiah Ratliff said he is the devil, so we made him into one.

The Most Interesting Man In The World Part Deux

Here's Mike Ditka as The Most Interesting Man In The World Part Deux, on flatulence...

OSS: Sketch Book - Pernell McPhee

I've been following this "scribble" artist, Vince Low, for a while now and I really love his work. So I tried to emulate his artistic style, by doing something Bears related. Since I'm becoming a big Pernell McPhee fan, I decided to go that route...

OSS: Mad Fox - Rebuild Road

Check out our latest Chicago Bears photoshop, this one inspired by the riveting speech given by head coach John Fox after the win against the Raiders. In case you missed what Fox said, we've included it...

OSS: Happy Valentine's Day from WCG!

In the spirit of Valentine's Day, we put our heads together for some Bears-themed valentines. Enjoy!

OSS: Bears Bricked - Jared Allen

Jared Allen will get his first sack of the season (and as a Bear) this Sunday at Solder Field, when he takes on Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers.


Did you know that RoboCop was coming out soon? We did, so we decided to turn Brandon Marshall into a robot.

OSS: The Punisher - Matt Slauson

Matt Slauson was a huge addition last year to a perennially struggling offensive line. This season, he was signed a nice long-term contract as a reward.

OSS: Bears Bricked - B Marshall & A Jeffery

Not too long ago, Bears fans were pleading for just one decent wide receiver. Two years later, Phil Emery has brought in, what some are calling, the best WR duo in the game today. Chicago is no longer the place where receivers go to die.

OSS: The Nightcrawler

Chicago Bears undrafted running back Michael Ford has been making a lot of people take notice around the NFL. He's looking like a lock to make the Bears final 53 man roster, but if he's cut, he should expect a call from Professor X.

OSS: Los Luchadores

Thanks to Twitter, fans have a level of interaction with athletes that they've never had before. With the simple question, "Are you a wrestling fan?", rookie phenom Kyle Long provided the inspiration for this week's OSS.

OSS: WCG Jeopardy

What a game of WCG Jeopardy might look like since every topic seems to go back to an endless game of the Pouty-Faced-Quarterback versus the McLazy-Lineman.

OSS: Sackboy (Henry Melton)

Surprisingly, this is the first time that Henry Melton has made his way into an OSS.

OSS: The Black Unicorn

"I'm stronger than I've ever been, I'm faster than I've ever been. I could run all day. I'm kind of like a black unicorn out there. It's amazing to watch." - Martellus Bennett

OSS: Bears of War 4 (Judgement)

Jay Cutler and Brandon Marshall, along with a new arsenal of weapons, lead Kilo Squad on a mission to save Chicago's besieged offensive.

OSS: Time Lord

Much like the protagonist renegade time lords of Doctor Who, Chicago Bears' GM, Phil Emery, appears to have a non-linear perception of time.

OSS: 8-Bit Bromance

Phil Emery made his best Chuck Woolery impersonation when he re-united this past Mile High bromance in the off-season. Since then, it's been all puppy dogs and rainbows for the Chicago Bears version of J.D. and Turk.

OSS: Charles "Punch-Out" Tillman

Charles Tillman is having an excellent season. He, and his ball punch, are key contributors to Chicago Bears 7-1 start.

OSS: Halloween 2012 - Chicago's Undead

Bad offensive output... plus Halloween... plus The Walking Dead's return on AMC! Sometimes these things almost photoshop themselves. Happy Halloween, from all of us at WCG.

OSS: 8-Bit Superfans

Bears, Bulls, beers and brats... does life get any better?

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