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The Chicago Bears can pass on a left tackle in the 2024 NFL Draft

With Braxton Jones playing well, the Bears seem to have four-fifths of their offensive line figured out.

A nice amount of Bears fans believe the franchise is on the right path

Fan confidence in the Bears franchise keeps growing... but why?

Is Braxton Jones Locked in at Left Tackle and our Weekly Bears Confidence Poll

Vote in this week’s Bears Reacts Survey!

Why is fan confidence in the Chicago Bears rising?

We share the results to this week’s Reacts poll here.

Chicago Bears Reacts Confidence Survey for Week 13

While a winning streak has elluded Matt Eberflus’ Bears, he did check off two coaching boxes with the win on Minday night.

Fan confidence in the Chicago Bears franchise drops again

Are franchise wide changes looming for the Bears?

Chicago Bears Reacts Week 12 Confidence Survey

Vote in this week’s confidence poll...

Bears Reacts Results: Fan’s confidence in the franchise increases

You guys voted in our SB Nation Reacts confidence question earlier this week, and we have your results here.

NFL Week 11 Reacts: How confident are you in the direction of the Chicago Bears?

Vote in this week’s Chicago Bears confidence poll here:

Chicago Bears Week 10 Fan Confidence Results

Results for this week’s Bears Reacts confidence survey are here:

Our weekly confidence survey and should the Bears extend Jaylon Jonhson?

Vote in this week’s Bears Reacts here for our weekly confidence survey and if you want to see the Bears extend Jaylon Johnson.

Almost half of Bears fans believe a house cleaning is coming in 2024

The latest Chicago Bears SB Nation Reacts survey results are as bleak as you think.

Bears Reacts Survey: Will the franchise clean house for the 2024 season?

Vote in this week’s Chicago Bears Reacts survey here:

Fan Confidence in the Chicago Bears and in Justin Fields is Growing

Our fan’s confidence in the Bears was super low earlier this season, but with the offense clicking two weeks in a row things have changed.

Bears Survey of the Week: Confidence check, Justin Fields’ future, and area they need to fix

Vote in this week’s Chicago Bears survey questions here:

75% of Bears fans no longer enjoy being a fan of the team

This week’s SB Nation Reacts poll results from our fans are depressing.

Poll of the Day: Do you enjoy being a Bears fan?

Is the Chicago Bears the worst franchise in the NFL?

SB Nation Reacts: The Bears are who we thought they were

No change in this week’s Chicago Bears confidence survey results, but fans believe there is plenty of blame to go around for the 0-3 start.

How close are the Bears to rock bottom?

This week’s SB Nation Reacts confidence survey for the Bears was as low as I can remember.

Bears Reacts Survey Week 3: How confident are you in the team’s direction?

Vote in this week’s Chicago Bears confidence poll.

Hope is waning from Chicago Bears fans

Would you believe that one month ago, Bears fans were 96% confident that the franchise was heading in the right direction?

Are you confident the Bears are heading in the right direction?

Vote in the first Chicago Bears confidence poll of the 2023 regular season!

Bears fans expect Khalil Herbert to lead the team in rushing in 2023

We have the results to your latest Chicago Bears Reacts survey questions right here...

Could the Bears lead the league in rushing again?

Vote in this week’s SB Nation Reacts Chicago Bears polls!

Bears Reacts Results: Fans most concerned with the OL and 2nd place is expected

There were three SB Nation Reacts questions this week about the Chicago Bears, two of which we shared here at WCG, and a third that was sent out nationally.

Bears Poll of the Day: What is your biggest concern, and where will they finish in the NFC North?

Vote in today’s WCG Poll of the Day!

Confidence in the Chicago Bears’ Trenches is low

There isn’t much time for the Bears to get their act together up front.

How confident are you in the trenches of the Chicago Bears?

The timing of this SB Nation Reacts poll couldn't have been better as the Bears are dealing with several injuries to the big fellas.

96% of fans are confident the Bears are heading in the right direction

This week we look at our SB Nation Reacts results plus a national survey too.

Are you confident that the Bears are heading in the right direction?

Vote in this week’s SB Nation Reacts survey and let us know your confidence level in the Chicago Bears.

Bears fans, what is your favorite baseball team and why?

Where does your MLB allegiance lie?

Confidence in the Chicago Bears' rush offense is high

The Bears are coming off a three win season, but fan confidence in the running game is sky high.

Concerns remain for the Chicago Bears pass defense

Lack of a pass rush is likely what swayed this week’s SB Nation Reacts voters.

Bears Survey: Which side of the ball are you most confident/concerned with?

What aspect of the Bears are you feeling the best about and which gives you some concerns?

Most Bears fans don’t care where the team plays its home games

The results from this week’s Chicago Bears poll are in!

Reacts Survey: Do you care where the Chicago Bears play their home games?

Stop by and vote in this week’s Bears SB Nation Reacts Survey!


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