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Chicago Bears Salary Cap

A Review of Procedures and Rules for Player Cuts and Acquisitions for This Week

Greg Gabriel runs through some important NFL rules for the next couple days.

Projecting a Justin Fields contract extension

Could QB1 receive an extension in 2024? This is what it could look like

Projecting a Jaylon Johnson contract extension

Let’s take a dive into what a Jaylon Johnson contract extension would look like.

Projecting a Darnell Mooney contract extension

Now that Cole Kmet’s extension is finished, what could one look like for Darnell Mooney

Evan Engram’s contract and its impact on Cole Kmet

How much will Evan Engram’s new contract impact the Bears’ negotiations with Cole Kmet?

Darnell Mooney or Chase Claypool — who will have the better 2023 season?

Robert S. takes a look into the film behind which Bears’ WR is most likely to receive an extension after the 2023 season.