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This is officially the unofficial voice of the greatest collection of sports fans on the planet. Da Superfans!!!

That’s my quarterback.

We haven’t heard from the Superfans in a while, but this nugget about Justin Fields brought them back to WCG.

Bears sign Dee Virgin to their practice squad

The Bears add a defensive back to take the place of the kicker that was signed away.

Windy City Gridiron makes an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon!


Screw realistic, bring us Russ!

A list of reasonable demands for one certain, very special GM.

Happy National Meatball Day!

Dear Santa, All I want is a 5 seed for the Bears...

An open letter to the Big Man.

Grading the 2019 Chicago Bears’ position groups

The Superfans are back for the 2019 season, and they wanted to weigh in on some grades for the position groups of the Chicago Bears.

Did the Raiders fleece the Bears in the Khalil Mack trade?

Please, do tell us how the 4-12 Raiders pulled one over on the 12-4 Bears.

How Bears fans and writers got Olin Kreutz nominated for the Pro Football Hall of Fame

You may be here for the story on Kruetz being back on the nominees list, but stick around for the great Jonathan Quinn story.

Mike Ditka gives stamp of approval to the 2018 Chicago Bears: Next stop, Super Bowls

NFL Films shows no love for Roquan Smith’s artistic ability

Every tackle our dearest Roquan makes is a work of art, yet he was left out anyway.

Conspiracy Confirmed: No Packers on the 2017 All-Penalties Team

The Superfans have uncovered some not-so surprising news about the team to the north.

Bears scouting long snapper Tanner Carew

Enough with the revolving door of long snappers in Chicago. It’s time for our beloved Bears to draft their next special teams mainstay and finally replace Patrick Mannelly.

Can this be the best Chicago Bears’ coaching staff ever?

You’ve pissed us off now

The Superfans are pissed off at the recent hashtag fiasco that was perpetrated by Twitter and some school.

Bears’ fans are better than Packers’ fans according to science

Where do Bears fans rank? The answer might surprise you. Spoiler Alert: We’re the best in the NFC North!

PFF had the worst infographic of all time

The Superfans have been quiet around theses parts of late, but something pissed them off enough to get them out of hibernation. You've got to see the Pro Football Focus Tweet that set them off.

You Grade The Chicago Bears Draft Class

Bill Swerski and his fellow Superfans, Pat Arnold, Carl Wollarski, and Todd O'Connor, wanted to chime in on the 2016 NFL Draft Grades for the Bears this year. Bill is taking lead on this article, but the fellas are all putting in their 2 cents.


There's something seriously wrong with an All Time Great Chicago Bear player and coach, a larger than life personality that personifies Chicago toughness and grit, wearing the colors of the enemy for a fast foot commercial.

Ditka farted in Carter's General Direction

It's not every day you can flip on the old TV and catch a glimpse of the greatest living Chicago Bears ex-player/coach, absolutely letting one rip on national television.

Are you up on your Chicago Bears' history?

The great Mike Ditka once said, "Those who live in the past are cowards and losers." Even we have to agree with him, but it's important to know and to understand the past to truly appreciate the present, and no team has a richer history than ours.

It's good to have goals, but let's be realistic

The 2015 Buffalo Bills' defenders are striving to become the best defense in the history of the NFL. So good luck with that, we'll just give you a preemptive 'Good job, good effort' right now, because no one is dethroning the Kings, the 1985 Bears.

Did you do the entire 30 Day Bears Challenge?

The leader of the Superfans, the Chicagocentric Bill Swerski, gathered his troops together (Pat Arnold, Carl Wollarski and Todd O'Connor) to pour over our Chicago Bears 30 Day Challenge and give us their one of a kind thoughts.

The Packers lose in this Madden NFL 16 trailer

Watch the Green Bay Packers lose in the latest trailer for Madden NFL 16!

Which is the best Super Bowl Ring Ever Made?

Be sure to take our Poll Of The Day to let us know which of the previous 48 Super Bowl rings is the best.

Happy Anniversary to the G.O.A.T Team: 1985 Bears

No other team in the history of the world has captured the imagination of the masses like the 1985 Chicago Bears.

The Chicago Bears will end up 11-5 in 2014

It's a somber mood at Mike Ditka's Restaurant as the Superfans gather to make some predictions for the second half of the Chicago Bears' season. Hopefully the fine eats and drinks will lighten their mood...

"The First Down"

You know you're rooting for the kid. A Chicago guy that went to a local college only to be picked up by the hometown team. It's a movie-of-the-week worthy story and it'll be that much sweeter once Jordan Lynch is dominating on Sundays for the Bears.

Ditka's Cigar is iconic plus Truths & Predictions!

It's been far too long since we've had an episode of The Superfans here on Windy City Gridiron, and even longer since the gang has revisited their Truths About Da Coach. So without any further ado, live from Al's Italian Beef, The Superfans!

Full 7 round Chicago Bears Mock Draft

If you're like us, you wait to read mock drafts until draft week. There's no point in checking out some schlub's mock draft a few months prior to the draft. And besides, why bother with any of those mocks, when the best one is right here.

Happy 39th Birthday to The Mann

On this very day back in 1975 one of the greatest Chicago Bears of all time was birthed into this world. Join us in wishing Patrick Mannelly a Happy Birthday!

Packer fans would rather icefish than goto Lambeau

The NFC North Champion Green Bay Packers struggled with selling out their 1st round playoff game against the wildcard San Francisco 49ers. Packer management surveyed fans as to why, and the Superfans have acquired a copy of said survey.

Wanna hear a joke? Lacy over Forte for '13 All Pro

We demand a recount. We need an immediate explanation on how Matt Forte was left off the NFL All Pro Team for 2013. What stings even more, is the player he was snubbed for is a Green Bay Packer with lesser credentials.

Mike Ditka: Chicago Icon

Tonight the Chicago Bears will retire jersey number 89, and many of us Chicago fans will rejoice as the heavens open up while the Angels themselves sing Hallelujah followed by an encore of Super Bowl Shuffle. Da Coach's #89 will be worn no longer...

The Chicago Bears need defensive reinforcements

Our Chicago Bears are struggling through a historic defensive drought these days. It's been years, and years, and years, since The Monsters Of The Midway looked this non-monstrous. The Bears need help, and we know exactly who they should call.

Chicago Positional Grades for Bears vs Vikings

Welcome to WCG my friends, the #1 spot for all your best Bears bits of info & wisdom, that will be doled out today by none other than your favorite WCG contributors, us Superfans. Today we step up for the MIA Sam, and we'll be handing out the grades.